The Beach

Sarah liked the beach. She liked it in the morning, when the day was newborn and the suns rays ruptured the sky with eager possibility; she liked it on cloudy days, when she could walk along the shoreline and talk out loud to herself, because no one else was there to  give her funny looks; she liked it on days when the warmth of the sun persuaded you that nothing was more important than rest and relaxation, and she especially liked it in the solitude of the night.

There was one beach that Sarah particularly liked. She didn’t really know why it was her favourite, she just knew that it was. There was hardly a strip of sand worth talking about, and venturing into the water was not something to be attempted by the faint of heart, or soft of feet. During the day, it was filled with the kinds of people who amused themselves with coffee groups and dinner parties, and the prevailing wind was not at all reconciled by the feeble waves produced.

She walked along the seawall, letting the cold wind bite at her face, forcing her to feel alive.  The sound of the waves began to penetrate her mind, taking over thoughts of rental prices and to-do lists, and wearing down the guise of togetherness she had so carefully built around her Self. It had been a while since she’d come to this place, and she had forgotten how much it affected her. It was like her raw Soul was exposed to the Souls of the past, the people that left their lands, their homes, their families behind in search of some new place that may or may not have existed, or desiring freedom from ordinary living (or indeed, criminal living). Brave people. Passionate people. Not-Like-Her people. She cried.

It was in this place that Sarah found Perspective. It was a place that echoed with the ambitions of ambitious people. How many times had she looked out from this place and envisioned that the journey was hers? Standing proudly at the stern of a small boat, looking forward to a life where things that shouldn’t matter didn’t matter. Her trite worries were  laughable in the face of these Souls, and after the tears subsided, she was left only with an innate and powerful desire just to Be.

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