Writing Playlist

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Old_Dusty_Radio_on_a_shelve_with_books_on_the_left.jpg
Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Old_Dusty_Radio_on_a_shelve_with_books_on_the_left.jpg

The songs that are played again and again and again to help me get into writing mode. What do you listen to when writing?

  1. Prelude in D flat Major, Op. 28,15 ‘Raindrop’ by Frederic Chopin.
    • My absolute favourite classical piece ever. It immediately puts me in a calm, peaceful place. Ironically, I was inspired to listen to Chopin through the TV show Dexter.
  2. Children by Robert Miles.
    • This piece would always help me focus, I can’t remember how I discovered it, but I used to play it on repeat when I needed to write an essay that was due the next day (side note: my sister hated it with a vengeance, because of how often I had to write an essay that was due the next day).
  3. My Friend by Groove Armada.
    • Also on my ‘running’ playlist, I listened to this when training for Round the Bays a couple of years ago (sadly, I am nowhere near fit anymore. Maybe next year?). It was the only song with lyrics, until I added…
  4. Little by Little, also by Groove Armada.
    • Apparently I like Groove Armada.

5 thoughts on “Writing Playlist

  1. It’s funny how you get in touch with classical music, right? Funny to see that you caught it on Dexter. But Chopin is a nice one.

    I try to make a playlist in Spotify for the story I am writing. I think music is one of the ways to get ‘into the mood’. Not perse the mood of writing, but the mood of the story or scene.


    1. I have definitely found classical music particularly inspiring – they almost seem to tell a wordless story.

      That’s a great idea to have different playlists for different stories (or scenes). Music can be very powerful in playing with our emotions, so that’s probably how it helps us get into the mood of the scene, or even a character’s feelings.


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