Falling in Love with my ‘Delete’ Key

A ‘deleted scene’ from my novel-in-progress:

Near the water, a young girl was playing in the sand with her mother. Sam, for that was the mother’s name, came down to the beach with her daughter frequently, and knew the all the regular visitors. In summer, the place became much more popular, but she had seen no one as intriguing as the man she had been watching that afternoon
: he was a lean gentleman, smartly dressed in a navy blue shirt, charcoal grey fedora, and matching pinstripe suit.  Folded neatly on the sand next to him was the suit’s blazer, on top of which sat a black and white cat. Sam had been watching the scene with interest, and had decided that this man perfectly fitted the description of exactly the kind of person that would not be at a beach. Most amusing (more so, even, than the white bunny slippers he had walked down to the beach wearing), was the phenomenal effort and concentration he was putting into building the most unsightly castle she had ever seen. A girl, probably only a few years older than her daughter, had stopped by to say something to him and then run off to her friends. Judging by the laughter, and the listless posture of the man, she felt it was safe to assume that it was not a complimentary remark. Seeing the man leave, Sam picked up her child and went up to him.

2 thoughts on “Falling in Love with my ‘Delete’ Key

  1. This would have been an excerpt from chapter three of my novel. However, I wasn’t quite satisfied with where the story was going, so I did a re-haul of the whole plot in consultation with my ‘editor’ (David).


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