Eleven Answers

Creatively Deprived had 11 eleven questions for me, so here are 11 answers for you all:

  1. Why on earth are you blogging?
    • To inspire others to see magic in the ordinary (just like others have helped me) as well as using it as a motivator to exercise my imagination, reflect on my experiences & write every day.
  2. What keeps you going when blogging?
  • My readers, and my ‘big goal’ of becoming an author. This is a stepping stone, an exercise in commitment, a step out of my comfort zone, and a platform for publicising my writing.
  1. Who is your role model? Who gives you the most inspiration? And why?
    • My role model is my late grandfather, Pa. He was a great man, not because of any particular ‘successes’, but because of his strength of character, his wisdom, and his acceptance of diversity & change.
    • My partner gives me the most inspiration, through encouragement, tolerance, editing, an endless supply of ideas to add to my work, and (most of all) believing in me.
  2. If you could any profession in the world (money does not matter), what would you do?
  3. What is the most proud moment in the last year?
    • Being confident enough in myself to drop my ‘career’ and start my own path to authorship.
  4. What is on top of your bucket list?
    • To write a book.
  5. If you could be a famous person for a day, who would that be?
    • The Pope, so I could access the Vatican Library!
  6. Cat person or dog lover? Please explain!
    • This is a hard one. Probably cat’s but just by a tad. I like that they each have distinctly different personalities, and that slight air of indifference unless they want something (i.e. food or cuddles).
  7. For what can I wake you in the middle of the night?
    • A cup of tea.
  8. Would you read the book, see the movie or both?
    • Generally I try to see the movie before the book, so that the movie doesn’t disappoint me, although often I’ve read the book before the movie was even thought of.
  9. What does freedom mean to you?
    • To be able to choose your own path to happiness.


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