Be happy.

Martha Washington happiness

Happiness isn’t about always having a smile on your face or a laugh on your lips. It’s about recognising and accepting that you are a human being and, ipso facto, are not perfect (and never will be).

You will make bad decisions, you will make mistakes, you will take your anger out on the wrong person, you will cry over spilt milk, and you will often believe that the world revolves around you. Happiness is realising that this is actually okay. In fact, it’s expected, because everyone else has these feelings – imperfections, if you will –  and we’re all in this boat of humanity together.

Happiness is getting through to the other side and
reflecting on what we’ve done, who we’ve met, and where we’ve been. It’s about looking at things in a where-to-next way, understanding the other side of the story, and generally looking at the brighter side of life.

So cry, vent, sulk, criticize, indulge, yell, hurt… but allow all these things to come together and make you a better person than you were yesterday. Be happy.

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