A toast, to Perspective!

Over the weekend I was involved in an awesome film competition. It requires you to write, film, edit, and produce a short film within 48 hours. Basically, it requires your absolute, undivided attention: for 48 hours you are thrown into another world with a kaleidoscope of stress types, trauma of every sense, topped off with a complete & utter refusal that there is a world outside of your film bubble.


Coming down from that and back into what we shall call ‘normality’ is no easy feat. Your dreams for the next few days are full of film-references, your head is reeling with everything you should-have or shouldn’t-have done, and no-one else quite understands how crazy things got during your weekend.

The other difficulty is one you face personally: Perspective.
You know, that P-word that we all lose when we get stuck into our own lives a little too deeply. Being suddenly thrown back into your usual life after spending a couple of days completely rejecting it, is almost as if you are a stranger looking in.

It’s a bit of a shock to the system, really. You’ve allowed yourself to get into habits, forget your real priorities, and complain about every single one of your first-world problems. Then, would you look at that, you’re not living *quite* the life you want to be living right now.

To summarise: I stepped out of my life; rejected it. I stepped back in, and realised that my life is actually pretty sweet. There are lots of things that I complain about, or frustrate me, that I can do more to change (even if that is just a matter of acceptance / letting go), and I need to be more grateful for the people, lifestyle, and things that I DO have.

A toast, to Perspective!

2 thoughts on “A toast, to Perspective!

  1. It truly was an amazing experience. I have participated in it before, but this time my role was much more involved, so it was much more intense. Heats are tomorrow so very excited!

    I still think there’s a lot that I do take for granted. However, I am slowly but surely showing more appreciation for the awesomeness in my life.

    Glad you enjoyed the post, it’s great to hear from other people out there in cyberspace 🙂


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