Notably, Outstandingly, Remarkably, Considerably Inspiring Blog Award (“very” is too boring)

Thank you to Jessica O’Gorek, author of “Ethereal Fury” (read my review here) for nominating my blog for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award. Your nomination came as a very pleasant surprise, and I am both touched and humbled by your thought.

very inspiring blog

Notably, Outstandingly, Remarkably, Considerably Inspiring Blogs:

  • Dropped Pebbles
    • This is a new-to-me blog by Dyane Forde, who I’ve put in the ‘inspiring’ category because, well, she is. She inspires through poetry, and – more importantly – by sharing her ups and downs in a way that we can relate to and think, yeah, sh*t happens, let’s move on. Very glad I discovered this one.
  • Freya Robertson
    • I can’t remember how I discovered this blog (I think I was looking for NZ author blogs) but the first thing that I was drawn to was the piratey-ness of the banner. She has been inspiring not just through her blog, but also her Tweets. Her site is especially good for writers in the fantasy genre, but I have shared this editing article around because it is, quite simply, excellent.

In other news – I have also received the “Super Sweet Blogger” award, and the “Liebster” award – first passed on to me by Anne at Self-Help for the Creatively Deprived. Because they were all received within hours of each other, I have had to consider the differences very carefully, and will space them out somewhat.

*Disclaimer: The author of this site is a close friend of mine, but I visited and read her site before we really became friends (which I don’t think she knows – oh well, she knows now!). That is to say: it’s not about bias 🙂

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