Super Sweet Blogger Award

super sweet blogger award

super sweet rules

This award was given to me by , author of the Rhymes Ablaze site over on blogger. I enjoy reading her rhyming poetry (something I’ve never been good at, even though rhyming will be compulsory for the second-to-last chapter of my WIP novel), and I have also connected with her on Google+.

I have two other awards to nominate bloggers for as well, so I have taken care to differentiate between ‘sweet’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘up-and-coming. The nominees for this award are sweet because of the support they give to other writers (blogging or not) through their blog and other social media, and just their generally kind tone.

Thirteen Super Sweet Blogs

  1. 1 Year And 100 Books
  2. Amanda Staley
  3. Christchurch Kids Blog
  4. Christine Campbell
  5. Frank Sayre
  6. Green Bay Creative Writers
  7. Imagineer Books
  8. Jennifer Mallu
  9. Jhakka’s Perch
  10. Poseypluspolemics
  11. Self-Help for the Creatively Deprived
  12. The Curious Introvert
  13. Carson Craig

17 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations and thank to you, Zee! I think you are super sweet too! ^_^ I am replying shortly and letting you know of course who I nominate!


  2. Congratulations Zee! And my sincere thanks to you. I’m afraid that things are rather grim here right now, so I’ll have to hang fire on the award for now, until I can think more clearly.


      1. Believe me…I am only shedding a few tears of complete happiness. I was in utter shock to read this news. It’s a wonderful feeling! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Deb. I love the blog awards, which are really informal, but a great way of saying ‘well done!’ to deserving bloggers (speaking of which, I am really enjoying your poetry – keep it up!)


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