Self-Publishing Workshop

Joy Findlay (of Findlay Books) was introduced to me by my friend Barbara over at Tales of the Borderline. She has been one of my biggest sources of support and knowledge through my writing pathway so far – I wouldn’t be where I am without her. Recently, she and her husband Bevan held a Self-Publishing Workshop which I had the privilege to attend.

Thank you, Joy & Bevan Findlay, for your knowledge and enthusiasm in indie publishing.

The workshop was a fantastic day of learning and connecting! Joy shared a wealth of information, all tried and true, in an easy-to-understand way. All the attendees received a free copy of her comprehensive guide (tailored to New Zealand, but uber helpful for anyone in the self-publishing business), and enjoyed meeting fellow writers  at different stages of their writing careers. Joy covered all the nitty-gritty stuff – tax laws, forms to be filled out, formatting requirements,  and the such-like – but what I liked most about her workshop was that she also covered the before and after of publishing.

 Before the nitty-gritty of self-publishing

Joy says the very first question you must ask yourself is this: Why am I publishing my book? (I would go so far as to ask: “Why am I writing?”). She then explored the methods and platforms for self-publishing that would suit each one best. You can read about it in this blog post.

Marketing & Promotion

This is where we discussed using various places on the internet to promote ourselves and our work, as well as tailored ways to use each one. I’ve expanded on some of her ideas in a guest post on Joy’s Confessions Blog, so be sure to check it out – I feel that I’ve come a long way in the five months I’ve been blogging, and it’s only fair to share it you guys, who have shown me so much support through the process, and I am sure will continue to do so.

Vanity Publishing & Distribution

Saving the best for last (I love a good old-fashioned paper book) Joy explored options for printing books, and realistic ways to start distribution, both as paper books and eBooks. One of which was…

…Connecting with NZ Authors and Illustrators

You can learn so much from other writers about the writing craft and the publishing industry, and I have taken full advantage of that. There are so many writers that have willingly shared their knowledge and experience with me, and I am ridiculously grateful for their support. In addition, you need to start building professional relationships with illustrators, editors etc. in order to create the best product you possibly can – no one can go it *completely* alone. You can purchase Joy’s “Confessions of a Kiwi Self-Publisher” from Amazon (highly recommended), or read her blog to find out more about this wonderful writer. I have written a guest post about Using Social Media on her blog (Part 3 of 5 in my Blog Review Series – read the rest here), and will be hosting an interview with her on my blog soon.

6 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Workshop

  1. Thank you so very much Zee, it has be so amazing see how you have taken to this whole self-publishing journey with sunshine, grit, sparkle, and fireworks! I am so looking forward to the day when I see many of your writing dreams come true, coz I do not doubt they will!


      1. You guys make me smile – I love waking up to comment s like these. Susan, apologies for not visiting your blog recently – working mostly off my phone at the moment due to internet issues, but I hugely appreciate your readership and loyalty xx


    1. I waited so long to comment on this as I really didn’t know what to say. Frankly, I still don’t lol, except thank you, and I’m looking forward to that day, too, and enjoying the journey and the friendships on the way xx


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