De-Stigmatising Depression: An Interview with Scriptwriter, Barbara Peterson

Barbs Peterson & her lovely daughter Angie.
Barbs Peterson & her lovely daughter Angie.

Barbara Peterson is a mother, blogger, actor, writer and all-round awesomeister (I may or may not have made that word up). Barbara has been a huge support to me from day one on my journey through blogging, writing, goal-setting, and mental wellness .

She’s now applying for the People’s Choice Scholarship Grant from AMP to shoot a pilot for her web series, a humorous and heartfelt take on mental illness, and needs all our votes to help her dream become a reality. If you or someone you know has ever been affected by mental illness, then her web series will hit very close to your heart. 

What’s your web series about?

It’s about a pair of dysfunctional friends struggling with mental illness, who are trying to get themselves to a better place in life.

How will your web series contribute to Mental Health awareness?

Mental illness is not often explored at great length in the media, except when it comes to the news or Hollywood stereotypes. In fact, many of us will experience depression or other effects of other mental illnesses at some point in our lives. We still live in a day and age where people are afraid to tell their friends and family, their prospective employers or partners, that they are or have been mentally ill . I want the web series, while light-hearted, to bring mental health issues to the forefront and be part of breaking down that fear and stigma.

You write a Wellness blog, Tales of the Borderline, that explores mental illness, too. Why are you so passionate about this topic?

I’m passionate about mental wellness from a desire not to see people suffer needlessly in life. I feel I could have accomplished so much more when I was younger – if only I’d had half the knowledge and experience I have now. But it’s never too late to start trying to make a difference and to make the best of things, and to encourage others to have the best, most fulfilling life they can.

What made you interested in the TV & film industry?

As a child I used to write funny skits and perform them at school, so I guess that’s where it all started but after leaving school I didn’t get back into the industry until just recently. At the moment, I’m enjoying getting as much experience as I can working on short film projects (and also watching a lot of comedy – not just for research purposes, but, well, I just love comedy – the quirkier the better!)

How will the AMP scholarship help you achieve your goal?

The AMP scholarship grant will help us pay for equipment hire, crew hire, location hire, and other costs associated with filming our pilot episode. If our pilot is successful, we may be able to get enough support and funding to make the entire web series, which is our ultimate goal. This in turn will help out the local film industry by circulating money into it and helping other artists achieve their goals – so please vote for us! 🙂

So how do I vote?

Vote for Barbs!
Vote for Barbs!

If you’d like to support Barbara with this worthy project, go to and cast your vote there. She needs all the vote-love she can get, so please take the time to share her page as well. If you’d like to know more about Barbara or ask her any further questions, visit her website, Facebook page or connect with her on Twitter @BarbsPeterson.

10 thoughts on “De-Stigmatising Depression: An Interview with Scriptwriter, Barbara Peterson

    1. She most certainly is 🙂 She got into the top 25 which is a massive feat, so hopefully got a bit more exposure for her project & potential funding. Thank you for your vote xx


    1. Loving the fun stuff on Twitter, Barbs! These guys really are a supportive bunch, and we’re all really looking forward to seeing the final product. It’s great to see you going after such a big goal – kudos!!


    1. Thanks Ben! Your vote means a lot to Barbara, and I would personally like to this series come to fruition. If I can push a little bit… any chance you can share the voting page round facebook? There’s some tough competition!


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