Blog Review Part 5 of 5: Keeping Track of it All

In the time that I’ve been blogging I’ve done heaps of research and learnt lots about developing image, expanding content, using social media, building an audience and keeping track of it all. 

This is part of a five-section ‘how-to’ for writer/bloggers. Each article will be published at the start of the week for the next five weeks. The aim is to help bloggers to conduct a self-review.

This series came about through my own experience in self-reviewing, and questions I have had about being a writer and blogger.

So now that you’re a professional blogger, how on earth do you keep track of it all? It took me a long time to get this step sorted, despite all the blog writing tips that express the importance of routine, goals, and an editorial calendar.

This should be the number one blog tip on ANY blog writing article. Set your goals, revise them regularly, and always keep them at the forefront of your mind. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is be very clear about what the purpose of your blog actually is. Once you’ve done this, goal-oriented blogging is a breeze, and a satisfying one at that.
I wrote about your blog’s short-term and long-term goals when I discussed author brand in Part One, so if you’re stuck about what your blog goals might be, give that article a read. To achieve goals around building and expanding your audience, check out Part Four of this series.

Without routine – which I’m sure many bloggers will agree with – social media and blogging can be a huge time waster. Set aside some time every day to devote to the different aspects of blogging. I check social media in the morning and at night, and a few times during the day. I set aside about an hour-and-a-half a day for content research, commenting on other blogs, and writing blog articles. This leaves an hour or two for fiction writing and research, plus my part-time job and socialising.

Editorial Calendar
I hail the day that I adopted an editorial calendar. Setting it up, filling it in and tweaking it until it fit me (which I’m still doing) was the best thing for my blog. It helped me set up themes (Monday’s for writing / blogging articles, and Friday’s for personal insights), and post with regularitya blog tip that I stubbornly ignored in every ‘how to blog’ article that I’ve read. Oops! The biggest benefit has been having posts ready in advance, which helped me realise I’ve got heaps of content and lots of new ideas, which led me to begin offering guest posts as a service to bloggers.
I found a suitable template from My Marketing Cafe, then adjusted it to fit my blogging needs.

Do you utilise any of these strategies, or have some to add?

12 thoughts on “Blog Review Part 5 of 5: Keeping Track of it All

  1. Hey Zee, I just wanted to say thanks for this valuable blog series. They are an asset and have really helped me with my own blog. I have really enjoyed following these articles. 😀


    1. Thanks for the kind comment 🙂 Writing them has helped me a lot too. Hope you’re feeling more comfortable with your own and your blog’s identity, and have a lot to go forward with.


  2. I missed the other articles, but this one was great- short, sweet, packed and to the point. First of all, I never thought of having ‘goals’ in my mind for what I wanted from my blog, at least, not in the beginning. But now that I’m getting more into it, I’m wondering how I ever started a blog without goals? I think, as you said, having them at the forefront of your mind is also very important.


    1. You can read the other ones here:

      I had a vague, broad goal from the start, but it’s become more specific. Each month now I have a smaller specific goal as well and I look at my goals (blog, fiction writing, and personal) every day. It reminds me to always strive for more, and that I have actually achieved something.

      In other words, it keeps me going 🙂

      Do you use an editorial calendar as well, Katie?


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