Happier + Healthier: A New Year’s Resolution

In the past, I didn’t ‘believe’ in New Year’s Resolutions, because I figured that if it’s something I am really resolved to achieve, I’d set the goal during the year.

Last year changed things a bit. At the end of 2012, I resolved to have a clearer direction for where I wanted my life to go, I’d pay off my credit cards, and I’d work through the emotional stuff I needed to deal with.

Shock, horror – it worked! I had goals that were written and re-written and plain-old-chucked-away during the year as well, but I decided that a year is a nice, tidy length of time for big-but-not-overwhelming goals to be achieved. So as 2014 nears, I’ve been thinking a LOT about what my goals are, and how I’m going to make sure I commit absolutely to achieving them.

I sat down with a hot choc and a roaring fire to create this vision board. Visualisation is a powerful tool, so it's become my wallpaper to remind me what I'm trying to achieve. This one was just made in Publisher, then converted to an image file, but there are HEAPS of online tools - just search for 'vision board maker'.
I sat down with a hot choc and a roaring fire to create this vision board. Visualisation is a powerful tool, so it’s become my wallpaper to remind me what I’m trying to achieve.ย This one was just made in Publisher, then converted to an image file, but there are HEAPS of online tools – I’ve linked to one at the end of this post.

My main goal is a lifestyle shift – or rather, continuing to build a healthier and happier lifestyle – in terms of mind / body / soul. I am building the habit of reading & writing (mind) exercise (body), and meditation (soul) into my daily routine. It is said it takes about 30 days to establish a habit, so I figure if I can do these three activities every day in January, I’ll be sussed for the rest of the year (ha!).

I do have more ‘traditional’ resolutions (PolicyMic has a great list of the top ten here), but I’ve been reflecting on conditional happiness lately, and realised that if I build these habits – knowledge & creation, physical fitness and ability, mindfulness and reflection – the go-to goals will automatically become fulfilled, so are my bigger focus.

So here’s to 2014, and a happier, healthier you – I’d love to hear your goals, so leave a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

Some links that might help you:

How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutionsย 
An in-depth article with a very sensible approach to setting and achieving your resolutions.

Oprah Vision Board
An inspiration board maker from Oprah. You need to register, but it’s free.

Fitness Blenderย 
If fitness or weight loss is part of your resolution, I highly recommend these guys. I use them and have found them to be clear, easy to follow, and with great variety so I don’t get bored ๐Ÿ˜›

No One Owes You a Relationship
READ THIS. Just to remind that you are becoming a better you for YOU, not to please anybody else (thanks to Tales of the Borderline for this fantastic article).

9 thoughts on “Happier + Healthier: A New Year’s Resolution

  1. This is wonderful, Zee! I love the idea of resolutions being used to improve ones self, spiritually and mentally. So many people focus on external problems in their lives such as their weight, money and love etc. all of which is relatively out of a persons control at the best of times. So to improve one self mentally is to deal with those issues with a stronger mind and soul, then as you said, the rest will fall into place.

    Best of luck, Zee! you’re an inspiration! and happy new year!


    1. I share the stuff that inspires me, in the hope it will inspire others as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      There are many material things I want, or tangible goals, including issues with weight (or rather, body image), money and love lol! However, I know that they are not really *problems* – everything is as it should be, and once I am able to accept the world – and my life – as it is, these will become non-issues.

      Also, looking back on my life, I find that the times in my life I am most proud of are the things I did to make myself a better person; when I developed a strength of character that I did not think I had.

      I hope that the new year brings for you many more moments of inspiration, wellness of mind, body and spirit, and happiness through the inevitable up’s and down’s of life xx


  2. Great post, Zee. I did a similar thing for this year. Like you, I don’t really ‘do’ NY resolutions, but I also thought it was a good way to mark what you achieve and whether you’ve reached your goals. I found it helpful so am doing it again this year. Haven’t written them out yet, but have in mind what they are. Similar to you, they are about health of mind, body, emotions and spirit.


    1. I agree it’s nice to have something tangible – or something you can compare back to – to recognize your personal achievements. It’s nice to hear of a similar aim to my own. I believe that if I keep myself healthy, holistically speaking, things will more easily fall into place. Thanks for leaving your thoughts, Christine x


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