Making a Blue Day Box

I’d first heard of the idea of a Blue Day Box about a year ago from TOTB, but only recently got around to actually making one. It often goes by the name of ‘Bad Day Box’, ‘Shitty Day Box’, or ‘Self-Soothing Kit’ (if you only follow one link in this post, choose this one. It’s beautiful). The idea is to put lots of make-me-happy stuff in a box for those days when you feel really, really down. It’s a way to really look after yourself.

After a bit of internet research (aka procrastination on Pinterest) I found most people put cards or letters, photographs, chocolate, and positive quotes or religious verses in their boxes. While these are all in my box – minus the chocolate – my blue days tend to be the bottom of a negative spiral of thinking, and my mind can often get stuck in a rut of depressive thoughts. I didn’t want my Blue Day Box to just make me feel better for a while, I wanted it – needed it – to force me out of spiralling.

So while I continued to procrastinate on Pinterest for proverbs (note the alliteration – booyah!), I also wrote a list of stuff I could do that wouldn’t just make me feel better, but would get me out of my negative spiral. I ended up with a list of things that I could do (this list from Lifehack is a goodie) and from this list, chose ten things to put on a pretty-fied list that went in my box, and put tangible items in for the rest.

The contents of Zee's Blue Day Box
The contents of Zee’s Blue Day Box

So what’s in my Blue Day Box?

  • A few cards & letters from very special people.
  • Two photographs (I don’t want to get over-nostalgic and defeat the purpose of a Blue Day Box!)
  • My two favourite yoga & kickboxing workouts, because exercise = endorphins.
  • A few movies that always make me feel good.
  • Some videos that inspire me, including TEDTalks.
  • A few feel-good quotes, and some affirmations, that remind me to keep going, and that the world is a beautiful place.
  • A candle and matches for meditation.
  • A notepad and a pen – not a notebook because there may be stuff I want to write down (i.e. vent) and throw away. Or burn. I’m sure you can relate!
  • Coffee money! To take myself out on a date.
  • Ten things I can do to feel better.

I’ve also discovered the Happiness Jar, which is something I might add to my Blue Day Box.  Remember, a Blue Day Box is just for you – you can (and should) make it as personal as possible. What would go in yours?

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Soul Board
This is one of my Pinterest boards – stuff that feeds my soul. It may be a good source of inspiration for uplifting quotes and affirmations for your Blue Day Box.
Love Actually Bad Day Box
An article about making a Blue Day Box for someone else (like your partner or a special friend).
Yoga Download
Free and Paid yoga workouts – I can vouch for the free ones, with a range of  levels and intensities.

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6 thoughts on “Making a Blue Day Box

    1. It does take a while to really think about what might go in there! Sometimes – if I’m out and in a grumpyass mood – I think back to the box and use it as a virtual lift as well.


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