7 Reasons I Returned to Blogging

reasons to blog

Some of you may have noticed a bit of a blogging / social media / social LIFE hiatus near the end of last year. In retrospect, I realise that I was really just avoiding a whole lot of stuff, and keeping my mind occupied with a whole lot of other stuff, so I could avoid feeling a whole lot of stuff that I just wanted to hide away from.

As refrigerator logic tells us, this simply doesn’t work. But it pretended to work for a while, and it tricked me into thinking it was working (and hey, in some ways, a break from everything was a good thing) so I kept calm and carried on busying myself. Until the holidays hit. Then there wasn’t anything to keep myself busy with, and tears ensued.

Fortunately, my common-sense partner and my unconditionally supportive friends brought me through it, and here I am, back doing the things I love – reading, writing, and blogging.

Because I do enjoy blogging, and all the things that come with it, so without further ado (which I think there has been quite enough of, and I’m sure you’ll agree), let’s get into my seven reasons for blogging:


The main reason I enjoy blogging so much is because I feel that I am really contributing to society; like I have some important, insightful, and close-to-the-heart things to say. No matter how misplaced that feeling may or may not be, it makes me feel good that every time I hit ‘publish’, I’ve helped at least one person that day.


I’m talking about discussion in the comments on my blog, on other blogs, and in social media – blogging and social networking social networking go hand in hand, though sometimes it requires sifting through self-promoting posts (don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for it, BUT there’s also a time and a place for good ol’ discussion). It’s great to interact with other people online, and build relationships with them


…which naturally lead to friends. I fully believe that friendships can be built online, and there are several people I would certainly refer to as friends, whom I have never met in real life. I don’t think that anyone puts up more of a mask online than they do in real life – some would argue that they are more true to themselves in online relationships – and there is always much to be gained from good friends.


The main reason I started blogging – but not the main reason I continued – was to build an author platform. If you click on the link, you’ll go to a site that has amazing information and ideas about this, and I’ve written a bit about it in my five-part series here. They were popular posts so I’m gonna take that as a sign that people found them helpful.


Yup, there’s a lot that goes on here that’s really just me getting stuff off my chest. Sometimes, people relate to that stuff and that’s comforting (for me and, I assume, them), but it keeps me sane (though some might argue with this claim) and I think that’s a good thing.


It’s a challenge, blogging. This is a challenge, too – a seven-day blog challenge to get me rolling with my blog again – but managing a blog is a challenge because I need to keep coming up with stuff that I’m passionate about, and that interests the masses. Or at least the portion of the masses who read my blog. It’s a challenge because while I celebrate my achievements, I continue to reach for the next goal – a better post, a bigger readership, an eBook…you name it.


I’ve learnt so much from my blogging venture. Much of this is what people have written in their blogs, or in discussion, but a lot is also from the comments on my posts. In my writings, I put my own perspective, knowledge and experience – and you wonderful readers challenge me with new perspectives, more knowledge, and different experiences. The internet can be a wonderful place.

Your turn:

I’ve got an easy question for you today – what keeps you blogging?


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Returned to Blogging

  1. I like talking about vampires, ranting about writing, playing with poetry, and exploring sexuality, and there’s no one really ‘in real life’ that I feel free to do this with. (How sad.) Thus the blog. A place for me to have fun, even if only a handful of people read…


    1. Hm, yes, I was hesitant to use the term ‘real life’ but couldn’t think of an appropriate alternative.

      I am glad that we have to opportunity to network so easily with people all over the globe – or, to be more precise & more cynical, people all over the first-world globe – so we can ‘meet’ new friends with similar interests to us, especially when those interests are isolated from our ‘real life’ friends.

      If you are having fun above all else, then it is worth it even if a handful read – if it benefits you, and benefits a handful of people, you are making a positive contribution to our semi-global society.

      Kudos, and thanks for your comment.


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