7 Inspiring Videos

So, it’s day 6 of 7 for my blogging challenge – we’re almost there! You know, the reason I became a writer, the reason I’m a teacher, and the reason why I blog are all the same, really – I want to inspire the world, in the way that the world has inspired me. I want to help you realise your humungous potential for greatness, and to realise that all the stuff you think is terrible and wrong and evil in the world… well, you can change it.

As a teacher, I see – or hear about – so many students that don’t believe in themselves, don’t believe in their potential, and so, they never amount to much. It both saddens me and inspires me to think about what their lives could have been; what greatness might have been achieved if they realised how much power they really had.

This applies to adults as well. The fact is, most of us are not living up to our potential, for whatever reason. What I hope these videos will do is help you recognise the power, the beauty and the greatness inside you.

What’s your favourite video from the list, and what inspiring videos would you add to it?

I was introduced to this guy through a friend, and sat down and watched all his videos afterwards. Partly ’cause he’s super-inspiring, partly ’cause he’s super-cute. This is my go-to video when I’m feeling down, and is a part of my Blue Day Box.

An interesting talk about what really makes a business do well, and what really gets people on your side – it’s not what you do, but WHY you do it.

This was sent to me by an artist friend when I told her about my writing venture. She was excited and supportive and reckoned that this video is a really good watch, to help you when you feel like your work isn’t good enough, or you’re comparing too much to others. I agree, and recommend it for any kind of artist.

Obviously I rather like this guy. Another fantastic video here – and afterwards, I expect a corndog :p

I found this one really recently, but it completely changed my view of stress. In retrospect, I’d been inching my way towards this conclusion, but she explained it really well from a mental and physical point of view.

This screenwriter has some amazing advice about writing, and what I like most is that he encourages writers to be in it for the right reasons; express your values, and your personal truths, and invoke wonder in the audience. A beautiful talk.

Last but not least, something I’d like to do a full post on later – the power that our body language has over our mind, and the strong relationship between how the body and mind feel.

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