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Day seven! I started this blogging challenge due to my blogging hiatus, to get myself back into the blogging routine and what-not, and I’ve enjoyed it – certainly broke the rut – but am looking forward to doing weekly posts again. This year, I aim to post every Friday, which I believe is enough time for you lovely people to read at your own leisure, and share your thoughts and experiences on the topic, which I love hearing.

But to recap, here are the 7 pieces I wrote for my 7-day blog challenge:

  1. 7 Children’s Books Grown Ups Should Read
  2. 7 Alternative Meditations
  3. 7 Types of Tea
  4. 7 Blog Posts for Writers
  5. 7 Reasons I Returned to Blogging
  6. 7 Inspiring Videos
  7. 7 Popular Posts (today’s post)

So for today’s post, I decided to pull up the most popular posts from this blog, looking back to the beginnings in April of 2013. Here goes!

De-Stigmatising Depression: An Interview with Scriptwriter, Barbara Peterson

An interview with mother, blogger, actor, writer and all-round awesomeister (I may or may not have made that word up). Barbara has been a huge support to me from day one on my journey through blogging, writing, goal-setting, and mental wellness . Here, she talks about her dreams of film-making, and why mental wellness is a topic that is so close to her heart. Barbara blogs at Tales of the Borderline.

Barbs Peterson & her lovely daughter Angie.

The not-so-lonely life of a writer: Creating a Community of Support

I wrote this post in response to a query from Amanda Staley from Support-a-Writer (a writing community on Google+ – she’s also made a link-free, discussion group called Writers’ Coffeehouse which may interest some of you), who asked about how the group could be made better – and it all came down to SUPPORT. I’m in the very fortunate position of being able to talk about support from personal experience here – the support I have received has been overwhelming and humbling.  Thank you.

support a writer icon

Me, or my Online Identity?

Sometimes, the way we use social media sites tends to emphasise the contrast between my own troubles and insecurities, and everyone else’s oh-so-perfect lives, which leads to a bit of a‘virtual identity crisis’.  Since we connect with so many people online that we don’t physically meet up with, this notion becomes more interesting. I asked some friends on Google+ to give me an idea of what they perceived my identity to be. Two friends responded with some in-depth thoughts, and it is based on their insights that I can share this with you today. It’s worth scrolling down to read the comments, as well.

Happier + Healthier: A New Year’s Resolution

I’m glad one of my newer posts made it to this list! An excerpt: “I had goals that were written and re-written and plain-old-chucked-away during the year as well, but I decided that a year is a nice, tidy length of time for big-but-not-overwhelming goals to be achieved. So as 2014 nears, I’ve been thinking a LOT about what my goals are, and how I’m going to make sure I commit absolutely to achieving them.”

I sat down with a hot choc and a roaring fire to create this vision board. Visualisation is a powerful tool, so it's become my wallpaper to remind me what I'm trying to achieve. This one was just made in Publisher, then converted to an image file, but there are HEAPS of online tools - just search for 'vision board maker'.

Blog Review Part 1 of 5: What’s Your Brand?

In the (relatively short) time that I’ve been blogging I’ve done heaps of research and learnt lots about developing image, expanding content, using social media, building an audience and keeping track of it all. This is part of a five-section ‘how-to’ for writer/bloggers. This series came about through my own experience in self-reviewing, and questions I have had about being a writer and blogger.  So what is your ‘brand’? It’s your image: it’s how your blog – and YOU – are perceived by the public. It’s dynamic: it doesn’t stay the same, especially when you’re new to the game.

Blog Review Part 2 of 5: What to Blog About? Expanding your Content.

This is another part of the series above (duh!): Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing else to blog about, or we worry about whether that draft blog post will be accepted by our readers. This section looks at ways to keep blog content fresh while keeping aligned with our author image. (Actually, I think it’s time I go back and read this – I had some good ideas!)

My brand brainstorm.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up – A post about unrealistic expectations

This is a deeply personal post, and there is a comment from Anne who has some worthy stuff to say. Earlier , I posted an article about how we compare our ‘behind-the-scenes’ to other people’s ‘highlight reel’. In extension to the heart-on-my-sleeve thoughts expressed there, I explored personal expectations a little bit more in this post.

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