Super Size Me: A reflection on health & personal choice

Reflection on Super Size Me - making healthy choices

The doco may be old now, but the message that Morgan Spurlock sent out in 2004 is still highly relevant – look after your health and make better choices! I’ve been watching lots of documentaries lately (like Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore, What the Bleep do we Know? by Valerie McCaffery, and An Inconvenient Truth by Davis Guggenheim (featuring Al Gore prominently)).

So these are the things I’ve taken away from this film:

There are more things that are bad for your health than McDonald’s. Even people (like me) who eat fast food infrequently can take better care of our health. No one can really say, “I’m doing everything possible to eat healthy, exercise, and look after my mental well-being.” (And if you are, kudos to you, but I am a mere human being and I like chocolate).

Personal choice exists. So many people in this doco outright blamed McDonald’s for making them fat, and technology for making them lazy. The clown isn’t holding a gun to your head and making you buy a burger (how about that for a horror story?), nor is your car driving you the 100m up the road that you could have walked. It reminded me of how we disciplined our students – we lectured them to make good choices, and did not allow them to blame others for their actions. This sounds like just another case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Your diet has an impact on your mental health as well. I discovered the extent of this last year – I noticed that when I was having crappy diet weeks, I was also having crappy mood weeks. Of course, there are plenty of other factors as well (as many of you know, I have Depression & Anxiety, and those are very real illnesses), but it’s one that’s well within our circle of control.

Super Size Me reminded me that I need to take better care of my health, and not blame people or circumstances around me (not even a little bit!) when it’s not going quite to plan. I am the only one responsible for my health and well-being.

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2 thoughts on “Super Size Me: A reflection on health & personal choice

  1. I truly enjoy the concept of your blog”. It makes me happy to explore your posts. We all need more reasons to smile, reflect and appreciate the simple joys life brings. I must confess that I spend a too much time feeling guilty and obsessed about what I eat or don’t eat! I have to be kind to my imperfect self. But I do try my best to make healthy choices! Thank you so much for sharing this insightful post with us on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Blog Hop! What a big help this will be to many! All the best, Deb


    1. Thank you, Deb! I’ve been really enjoying the posts at Urban Naturale as well as the link parties – heaps of interesting & informative sites to explore 🙂

      I reckon it’s all about balance – if I’m gonna have that too-big bowl of ice-cream (I’ve been through a whole tub by myself before, I must admit), then I balance it out by doing a longer walk the next day, or making sure the actual meal was healthier. Having said that, our bodies need some sugar and fat, right?


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