Taking Stock 001

taking stock 001Making : a new yoga routine
Cooking : eggs
Drinking : Twinings New Zealand Earl Grey, and water
Reading: Practising Yoga / Super Brain / The Great Gatsby
Wanting: Dessert
Looking: at orange gerberas
Playing: Skyrim
Deciding: I am not defined by my job(s)
Wishing: we all had our priorities sorted
Enjoying: the moody, grey weather
Waiting: for the kettle to boil
Liking: solitude
Wondering: where to go next with my English Adult Learner
Loving: me
Pondering: reality
Considering: going out for dessert
Watching: What the bleep do we know?
Hoping: the world will change for the better
Marvelling: at TEDtalks
Needing: more grapes
Smelling: gerberas, and the smell of rain on the ground…mmm!
Wearing: navy & chic all rolled into one
Following: awesome new blogs
Noticing: how content I can be
Knowing: I may not be here tomorrow
Thinking: What if I’m not here tomorrow?
Feeling: Jittery
Admiring: change
Buying: dessert, maybe.
Getting: some new DVDs out
Bookmarking: story prompts
Opening: my possibilites
Giggling: with my students
Feeling: appreciated. excited. loveful. calm.

If you want a list you can get it from Pip at Meet Me At Mike’s too!
I was inspired to do this post by Cat at Catalina’s Cottage – thanks, Cat!

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock 001

    1. Haven’t read much yet, but read enough to HIGHLY recommend it. It’s called “Super Brain” – got it from Whitcoulls recently so they should have it.

      It’s essentially about neuro-plasticity, and provokes thought while encouraging action.


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