Salutation to the Sun: A morning and evening yoga routine

As a part of my daily habits resolution, I am practising yoga every day. My goal (which I have not reached yet but am steadily climbing towards) is a practice of 20 minutes (ish) of yoga every morning and evening. Sometimes, if I feel a bit jittery or unstable, I do a short yoga sequence – or even just one or two poses – and a quick meditation.

Last week, I have been doing Salutation to the Sun every morning and most nights – sometimes I have included Warrior asanas. This week, I plan to do two every morning, and one each night. I find that the earlier in the day I do them, the more ‘together’ I feel during the day. Practising the yoga sequence before bed helps me sleep more deeply and peacefully.

If you click the image below, there’s a fantastic (free) resource from Vinyasa Yoga with Michael Dynie for the Salutation to the Sun routine, including one with the Warrior Pose where I place it my routine – great minds think alike, right? I also like this one because it’s a one-page PDF, and has explanations of difficult poses and benefits of a yoga practice.


7 thoughts on “Salutation to the Sun: A morning and evening yoga routine

    1. It’s great, isn’t it? This last week I’ve just restarted my practice, so I’m back to doing this again.

      I also add a seated twist at the end, cause I find the twist poses help with anxiety.

      Are you on Twitter? My handle is @zeesouthcombe – let me know how it goes tomorrow. Baby steps are best!


  1. Thanks for sharing! That is a very similar sequence to my morning routine….with warrior poses too. I added Tree pose and pigeon to my sequence yesterday. Pigeon is great for the morning routine too,.I agree Sun salutations really set the tone for a good day. I have been doing about 15 min in the mornings that I don’t take a class but may need to add a short routine before bed too.


    1. I will have to look into Pigeon and Tree poses – I’ve been thinking of adding the Eagle asana as well – majesty and balance, I could do with a bit more of that in my life!

      I’ve found that I have a more restful sleep, and tend to wake up more rejuvenated when I’ve done a yoga sequence before bed.


    1. Yes! Obviously, cardio with a healthy diet is what will give you the most significant weight loss, but try this: and this:

      For me, a daily walk + daily yoga is enough to keep my body at the weight I want it, and it’s starting to tone up my body as well – yay 🙂


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