Week that Was: Accountability

I’m shifting something I used to do on my Facebook page (which I decided wasn’t worthwhile for me), and that my writerly friend Joy Findlay does: The week that was.

Every Monday, I would post up what’s been happening with my writing. It was a great way to share my achievements, upcoming goals, and to hold myself accountable to said goals. So every Monday, I’ll be blogging about:

  • Last week’s writing updates
  • This week’s writing goals
  • This week’s personal development focus
  • Last week’s artwork update

Every now and again there’ll be some other stuff chucked in there, but that’s the gist of it – so here goes!

Last week in writing

  • Wrote a haiku a day for Green Bay Writer’s poetry challenge.
  • Edited up to chapter six of The Caretaker of Imagination (WIP – 20ish chapters in total).
  • Started planning sequel for TCoI.
  • Started planning new children’s novel – working title: Butterflies and Demons (this may change. This probably will change).
  • Journalled every day.

This week’s writing goals

  • Write a haiku a day for Green Bay Writers.
  • Edit up to chapter 10 of The Caretaker of Imagination.
  • Explore ideas further for TCoI sequel.
  • Create a loose plot outline for Butterflies and Demons.
  • Journal every day.

Personal development foci

  • Be appreciative and grateful for the beautiful people in my life.
  • Recognise the abundance of wealth, in all its forms, in my life.
  • Smile and laugh as often as I can (I had a super grumpy week last week).

Artwork update

  • Lots of sketching last week!
  • Almost completed a largerย painting, but not 100% happy with it. I’ll come back to it later.

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