Week that Was: Cats, Butterflies, and a Ukulele

Last week in writing

  • Incomplete: Wrote 3 out of 7 haikus for Green Bay Writer’s poetry challenge, which means I have 4 to catch up on. I also wrote a ‘freestyle’ poem, which I don’t do very often, but find satisfying when I do.
  • Completed: Edited up to chapter ten of The Caretaker of Imagination – on target ^_^
  • Incomplete: Haven’t thought about TCoI sequel AT ALL. This week I will remedy this!
  • Completed: Wrote the first three chapters for Butterflies and Demons, and planned general plot.
  • Completed: Journalled every day.

This week’s writing goals

  • Write a haiku a day for Green Bay Writers + 4 catch up’s.
  • Edit up to chapter 20 of The Caretaker of Imagination i.e. complete manuscript!
  • Explore ideas further for TCoI sequel.
  • Write 500-1000 words per day on Butterflies and Demons.
  • Journal every day.

Personal development foci

  • Wake up at 7 every (week)day.
  • Practice guitar every day.
  • Use doubts about my ability and ability to ensure I am the best I can be, rather than allowing them to hold me back from what I could do.

Photo Reel

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