Rocketing Ahead

It is not often enough that we stop and recognise our own successes. I mean, when it’s something society tells us is successful, we take the time to celebrate – like an award, buying your first home, or getting that promotion – but those aren’t the successes I’m talking about.

It was only after a message from an old acquaintance congratulating me on ‘rocketing ahead’ that I ever considered success to be already in my hands. When I stopped to think about, I’ve had many successes since I chose to diverge from my path to a new track of creativity and good health.

But my point is this – we must recognise our own idea of success.ย This is different to recognising the small successes.ย For me, some large but very personal successes are:

  • choosing writing and painting over a position with more money and prestige;
  • looking at myself in the mirror and liking what I see;
  • maintaining a blog (if somewhat intermittenly at times);
  • recognising negative thoughts and patterns;
  • saying no, and
  • opening up about my feelings of depression and anxiety.

These are huge leaps in my reality, but not the kind of thing generally considered a significant achievement. While there is always new learning and growth in our lives, it is also important for us to stop and look back. We must recognise our significant successes, and be proud of how much we’ve rocketed ahead in our lives.

I invite you to share some successes you have achieved in your life, that have been leaps in your world but not necssarily recognised by our society xf24cd-11

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