Week that Was: Redrafting and Making Progress

Last week in writing

  • Complete: Wrote a haiku a day for Green Bay Writer’s poetry challenge!
  • Incomplete: Realised beyond the shadow of a doubt that The Caretaker of Imagination needs replotting (which I wrote about here). Did a chunk of this yesterday but still have a ways to go.
  • Incomplete: Haven’t thought about TCoI sequel AT ALL – this is now on the back burner.
  • Completed: Wrote roughly 500 words a day, minus the weekend. That’ll do 🙂
  • Completed: Journalled (almost) every day.

This week’s writing goals

  • Write two more blog posts this week.
  • Re-plot and re-draft The Caretaker of Imagination.
  • Journal every day.
  • Read every day.

Personal development foci

  • Keep waking up at a reasonable time, between 7-8am.
  • Practice guitar every day (which I did about half of last week)
  • Be open with people when I talk to them – stop building up a brick wall.

Photo Reel

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