Belated Blog Awards

And by belated I mean like so late it’s almost not worth it.


Cause it’s always worth thanking someone for thinking of you, for letting you know through a lovely cyberspace gesture that your words are worth reading.

 The rules for accepting the Inner Peace Award is that you answer the following question: Why I’m Accepting The Inner Peace Award, and nominate any number of blogs.

Well, I’m accepting it in part because Mrs Inger Anna Jones, who nominated me, is a blogger I respect. She has shared some of her beautiful journey here on my blog, as well as her ideas on the practice of gratitude. The other reason is how much inner peace has felt out of reach through many years in my life, and the place I am in my life right now. There has been much learning, and long may it continue 🙂

I’m nominating Happy Ambition.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are to thank the person who gave you this award, nominate 15 bloggers, and share 7 things about yourself.

Thanks, Teagan Kearney, for the wonderful nomination. I love having you as a reader as much as I enjoy reading your blog. You are informative and genuine.

Here’s 7 things about me:

  1. My favourite TV shows are currently Supernatural, Primeval, and Bones.
  2. When I was fourteen, my when-I-grow-up was Monkhood (that might have something to do with the Inner Peace Award!)
  3. My favourite video game is Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  4. I want to live near beach and bush so I can walk somewhere beautiful every day.
  5. I love the rain (especially when I’m not in it).
  6. Nail polish makes me happier than chocolate.
  7. I am happy ^_^

Now, the predicament that I’m in is that the last few months have been rather antisocial, both with my friends here in Auckland, and the friends I’ve met online. This means I don’t have many new blogs to recommend, and so the blogs I nominate will probably have been nominated before by me.

So, while it would be fantastic for the nominees to accept and pass on the awards below, please don’t feel pressured into it. Instead, take this nomination as my little shout-out to you for being awesome, having the courage to share your thoughts & experiences with the world, and my hope that you keep blogging. Cause I love your blogs, your friendship, and your writing.

Keep it up, lovelies!

  1. Amanda Staley
  2. Christine Campbell
  3. Emma Lindhagen
  4. Catherine Mede
  5. Cassie Hart
  6. Joy Findlay
  7. Mrs Inger Anna Jones
  8. Margaret Grant
  9. Yolanda Marin
  10. Nicole Hubbard
  11. Jon Simmonds
  12. Alana Munro
  13. Jennifer
  14. Kerry Whiteley
  15. Chris

6 thoughts on “Belated Blog Awards

  1. Congrats, Zee! Two great awards – you deserve both of them. A lovely post – it was great to find out more about you – we’ve 1 (Primeval) and 4 in common – somewhere scenic to walk – or just gaze at out of the window – is important to me too. Well done!


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