A Haiku a Day

These are some of the haiku I wrote for Green Bay Writers‘ Challenge, which was to write a haiku everyday. I’d never written a haiku before, and only dabbled in poetry, so it was a creative challenge that stretched me out fantastically.

Forgotten future,
Built on possibilites –
Why did you leave me?

Hold me. Embrace me.
Let me close my eyes, and
pretend I am loved.

Bang! Crash! Slam, slam, slam!
“What’s wrong with you?” – everything /
nothing / I don’t know.

I beg you tell me,
Whose face do you show the world?
For it is not yours.

Are you friends with both
soaring hope and dark, cold fear?
Or, has love left you?

From silence is born
words of Truth from the devil.
The angels take note.

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