Week that was:

This week I’ve had a few days with a nasty cough / cold, and so I haven’t been as productive as I’d like to. However, I have made some good progress with my writing, and have a couple of meetings set up to discuss illustration and marketing options ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been a lot less moody this week too, which is always a good thing! I can feel defensiveness settling in, though, so it’s time to reignite my meditation routine, which, frankly, I should never have stopped in the first place.

Last week in writing

Blogging: Wrote two blog posts last week.
Re-drafting: One scene to go, plus my edits.
Planning: Have started planning a series of books, connected to the Caretaker.
Reading: Read most days.
Journalling: Journalled (almost) every day.

This weekโ€™s writing goals

Write two more blog posts this week.
Do final edits of the Caretaker of Imagination, and sendย outย for beta reading.
Journal every day.
Read every day.

Personal development foci

Exercise daily, to manage my moods.
Begin my daily meditation again.


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