Living Moxie Confidence Course #2

A few days ago, I signed up for a Self-Confidence Course on Living Moxie (though, if you read the title of this post, you already know this). You can sign up here if you’re interested:

These posts will explore the ideas in the course as I do them, and sometimes include the exercise I’ve done for that day. The other posts in this series can be found here.

Day Two

This was a bit lighter, which was necessary after such intense self-analysis and reflection. There was a list of beliefs, and I had to pick the ones that resonated with me. What made me feel good was that there were a few that I used to believe, but don’t any more (like I have little control over what happens to me). I had to think about why the beliefs I chose as true were a problem.

After that, I had to write 10 positive beliefs, and 10 negative beliefs, about myself. I found myself arguing some of the good stuff, but wrote it down anyway. The negative beliefs were easy, but it was depressing looking back on that list and thinking, is that really what I think about myself? Ugh! Totally not good enough.

What are 10 qualities I like and love about myself?

1. Artistic ability.

2. Caring.

3. Laugh easily.

4. Self-dependence.

5. Can be a good listener.

6. See the good in others (most of the time).

7. Big picture thinking.

8. Teaching ability.

9. Inspiring others.

10. Following my gut feelings.

What are 10 negative beliefs I have about myself?

1. Lazy.

2. Unintelligent.

3. Immature.

4. Forgetful.

5. Ignores details.

6. Impatient.

7. Judgemental.

8. Proud.

9. Naïve.

10. Emotional roller-coaster.

And the final question for Day Two:

Is this 100% true? Is this accurate?  Where did I get this belief? What if it’s not the truth, but only truth as you believe it to be?

3 thoughts on “Living Moxie Confidence Course #2

    1. It really is fantastic.

      I’ve been analysing myself for 25 years now lol.

      I don’t think it’s about answers, per se, but helping me figure things out enough to not hold back from the person I could be, and the things I could achieve.

      I could do this course again every year and come up with different responses each time. I totally recommend it.


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