Week That Was: Busy-ness

So last week I did some long hours at my paid job, and while I managed to get a lot of writing in on Monday, it definitely took a toll on my productivity (and the housework). The pros? A fatter paycheck this week, and a renewed motivation for this being-an-author thing. It’s good. I like it.

Last week:

  • Wroteย a few thousand words towards Lucy’s Story, the sequel to TCoI.
  • Began revisions based on beta readers’ recommendations.
  • Joined Wattpad!

This week I will:

  • Complete Lucy’s Story first draft.
  • Begin a serialised novel on Wattpad.
  • Continue revising TCoI.
  • Take it easy, and ignore the should-isms.

4 thoughts on “Week That Was: Busy-ness

    1. I like it (as a reader) so far. I’m playing with the idea of publishing my story chapter-by-chapter on there, and then releasing as a ‘real book’ as well, since my goal for the first year(ish) is to build audience / readership. Researching that idea at the moment, so watch this space!


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