Four Goals = Superstar

I read recently about the idea of having four goals per day. When I’m feeling organised, I journal in the morning, including a list of goals / projects to tackle today. Catherine Mede suggest three goals when you’re having a bad day, and I like this approach. Another way of looking at it is by having four goals like this:

ONE:ย Come on… you can do more than that!

TWO: You have achieved enough to consider yourself a worthy human being.

THREE: You are a superstar!

FOUR: Four? Really? You are a super saiyan superstar!

I did my four goals today, achieved two of them, the third failed but was out of my control, and the fourth was started on. I officially consider myself a superstar today ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did other things, like the dishes, and my nails (very important, obviously), but my goals were the bigger tasks, or tasks that I didn’t want to tackle.

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