Week that was: Being Flexible

Last week I put my flexibility to the test. My goals have all been shifted forward to fit in other things, including my business plan, cleaning the house (not that it needs much, but inspection’s coming up <sigh>), and some rather sleepless nights.

Flexibility is something I can be good at, but I usually take a little while to adjust mentally to change. When I’ve got a plan for the week, I feel like I’m letting myself down if I don’t achieve it – which is why I like the idea of 4 goals per day. Today, I’ve really had to re-prioritise my four goals, and writing got stuck at the bottom.

I hate that.

So, last week I achieved these things:

  • About three-quarters through the first draft of Lucy’s Story.
  • Published 3 chapters of my first story on Wattpad, Finding Anna, which is linked to The Caretaker of Imagination and Lucy’s Story.
  • Did very well at ignoring should-isms – especially after watching a horribly old-school interview on Good Morning (an NZ morning news show) about the ‘correct’ roles of men and women. It’s called social conditioning, and the 21st century, people! Rather disappointed (but I’ll rant about it later lol).
  • My business plan! I used this article to guide my plan. Thanks to Cassie for the link!

This week, I will:

  • Do at least 3 sessions of yoga, to help with my sleeping habits.
  • Complete Lucy’s Story.
  • Read and comment more on Wattpad.
  • Beta read.
  • Research cover design options.

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