Writing my Indie Author Business Plan: Part Two

First off, if you haven’t read part one yet, read it here:ย Part One. It covered the following topics:

  1. The Dream
  2. Five Year Goal
  3. Books and Audience
  4. Success Stories
  5. I will succeed because…
  6. Obstacles

In this part, we’ll look at:

  1. Writing & Promotions Schedule
  2. Secondary Goals
  3. A Promise to Myself

Writing and Promotions Schedule

I’ll be honest. I left this one for the last because it felt like a big job! In the end, I decided that the most straightforward way for me to tackle this section was to split it up into daily / monthly / yearly.

In some ways, I have weekly covered with my ‘week that was‘ posts.

You’ll notice, if you read my excerpt below, that I don’t have a huge daily output in writing, but I intend to publish 4-6 books per year. My books are SHORT. They’re between 10 – 12 thousand words, which is about half of the average Roald Dahl novel.

You’ll also notice that socialising and exercise are part of my daily goals. Without them, I end up in the place I’m now, which is not a good place by any stretch of the imagination. It is very, very important to look after ourselves!


  • 1000 words or more
  • Revision / editing
  • Review goals to accommodate new marketing ideas, current progress etc.
  • Catch up with friends, online and offline.
  • Watch an indie author interview / read an informative blog.
  • Read fiction
  • Exercise


  • One or more school / library visit
  • One bookโ€™s illustrations
  • One bookโ€™s revisions


  • 4-6 chapter books per year

  • One or more picture books per year

  • One or more anthologies per year

Secondary Goals

This is a fun section! Here you get to write all the other things you want to achieve, because these are important as well.

Secondary Goals

Beta read for books within and outside of my genre – about one per month.

Study counselling.

Professional Development

Do a writerโ€™s retreat once a year, whether that be with other people or on my own, spending time reviewing my long term goals.

Keep up to date with publishing trends by following key blogs (like David Gaughran, Joy Findlay, and Lindsay Buroker).

Read at least one book on craft per month.

Take advantage of writing / teaching courses and workshops.

A Promise to Myself

Write a sentence in which you promise yourself what you will be in five years time. Be reasonable, but aim high!

Also, list your priorities.

In five years time, I will be an established author with a loyal fan base, and have published roughly 20 books.

My priorities are:

  • To be a confident, creative, and successful novelist.
  • To write stories I am proud of, by taking my work seriously, and paying for professional help where deemed necessary.
  • To promote my books, online through my website and in person through author talks and book fairs, as well as experimenting with new ideas.
  • To develop other areas of my career as an author, including teaching, and to constantly develop my craft.
  • To work hard.

What would you add to your business plan that isn’t mentioned here?

6 thoughts on “Writing my Indie Author Business Plan: Part Two

  1. A lot going on, but the biggest has been a move in home. Carted the family off to a small farm let ๐Ÿ™‚ Loving it… as are the kids! Just finished a shortfilm and have it in for a festival too… so that’s a bit exciting ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Such positivity ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it Zee!

    I’ve been so busy lately, but starting to get a little free time. Hoping to catch up on the blog reading. I still haven’t read your book, but it’s next up on my list ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping to read it this weekend whilst I’m away :))))


    1. Paul! Hullo! I appreciate the offer, anyway – just when you can. I can edit your feedback into my current edits.

      But – how are you? Haven’t seen you much online – does that mean there’s lots happening in the projectsphere??


    1. Honestly, goal setting and making a plan (no matter how much it changes later) has been the best thing for me, my writing, and my health.

      I highly recommend Tony Robbins’ Personal Power course. There’s a 7 day version which I have, and I listen to regularly – at LEAST once every two months. Brilliant guidance and lots of energy.


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