Week that Was: Walking and Talking

So last week I got a bit of writing done, and lots of reading! I did a little bit of catchup on my beta reading (which I am thoroughly enjoying, but need to be able to focus on when I am doing it).

I started taking B vitamins, and drinking ginseng and St John’s Wort teas, to up the energy levels. It’s partly just winter and a lack of sunshine – not that I don’t love winter, but my brain needs some Vitamin D!

So, last week, I achieved:

  • A long walk round Cornwall Park. Bliss + hayfever.
  • A bit of writing on Lucy’s Story, and a bit on Finding Anna.
  • Making new friends on Wattpad.
  • (Almost) daily affirmations, but didn’t get round to my next Living Moxie course.
  • Lots of guitar and uke practice, as well as playing with others, which I’ve missed.
  • Bought Anne Weiss’ vocal training CD to help with my singing – Singing for the Vocally Challenged, Curious, Confident or Cacophonous
  • Three blog posts – yay!

This week, I will:

  • Actually do 3ish yoga sessions!
  • Another long walk.
  • Actually complete Lucy’s Story.
  • Catchup on all my beta reading.
  • Daily affirmations, and my next Living Moxie course (which I shall blog about).
  • Three blog posts.
  • Choose and organise a cover artist.

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