Making Money / Making Art

As I habitually scrolled through Facebook this morning, I found an uber-inspirational and rather practical quote. It’s from, one of my favourite websites for advice, inspiration, and thought-fodder.

The full article can be found here:ย Art, Inc.: A Field Guide to the Psychology and Practicalities of Becoming a Successful Artist.

Number three, in particular, resonates with me, as it’s something I’ve thought about a lot as I tossed up my publishing options. (If you’re interested in my reasons for self-publishing,ย you can read about them here and here).

Are you a starving artist, or a thriving one?


2 thoughts on “Making Money / Making Art

  1. Those ideas could be used for anything, including writing, career progression, even relationships – if you reword it. Good words of advice. Thanks for sharing Zee. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hmm that’s a really good point. I’d thought about it in terms of writing / art / career but not in terms of relationships.

      Thanks for that insight, Karen xx


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