Week that Was: Ch-ch-changes

Last week was about reviewing where I’m at, and where I want to be.

  • I bought a bunch of new clothes.
  • I reviewed my ‘brand’ and target audience, using yourwriterplatform.com.
  • I became a social media admin for redcarpetnz.tv
  • My morning pages spanned more than three pages.
  • I had extra long showers, which I’m pretty sure has hurt the electricity bill.
  • I did a few walks – yay!

This week, I want to:

  • Re-design my blog and social media, and blog about the changes I’ve made & why I made them.
  • Complete beta reading for Catherine Mede & Joy Findlay.
  • Complete revisions for TCoI and send it off to my editor.
  • Get back onto Wattpad.

5 thoughts on “Week that Was: Ch-ch-changes

    1. It didn’t feel like it, and I think that’s part of the problem!

      Like, this morning, I was thinking how unproductive it had been, when actually, I’d written a blog post, planned a social media strategy for myself and the new position I’ve taken on, and picked up tickets for my niece’s school production.

      So I guess the bottom line is, a bit of the ‘unproductiveness’ is just in my head :p


    1. Yes. I think I’m getting better at finding a balance. Plus, I do enjoy the work I’m doing, which is a blessing 🙂

      Hope I’m getting better, anyway lol.


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