Week that Was: A New Phase

I was going to write A Fresh Start for the title of this post, but I realised it’s not really starting over, it’s just a new phase of my life, and my career.

Phases are normal. I’ve been through many phases in my life, some healthy and some not-so-much, but all of them have played a role in forming me, as I am today. Like the phases that have been and gone, this one will contribute to who I am in the future, though for now it is just the way I am.

Let me clarify though, because by phase, I don’t mean a passing fad, but a different period in my life. This phase is about growth, flexibility, kindness, and moving forward.

Harkening back to my New Year’s Resolutions, I can see how fitting they were for that period of my life. I needed stability, grounding, and I desperately needed to learn how to love myself. Yoga, walking, writing, and reading were necessary habits for this phase.

But now I need energy, direction and a boldness that has been in hiding for the better part of my life. I also need to show love and kindness more to other people. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll know that upping my energy levels has been a focus recently, and even though I sit groggy-eyed after a coffee on this grey, Auckland morning, I do feel like my energy levels are on the rise.

And so, my key words are growth, direction, and kindness. I chose a tree for my logo because it represents growth and sharing (more on this in another post!), and I really do feel like we are growing as humanity; creating together, and sharing our ups and downs.

I’ve been grappling with my purpose, or direction, lately, because there are so many things I do, and I want to do. I felt like I could do them all, but they were separate from each other. A bit like Voldemort splitting his soul into horcruxes, I felt like I was splitting my passions. What’s the common denominator? Well, me! Other than that, it’s about helping people – including myself – to do what we’re really passionate about. There are far too many people held back by insecurity, fear, or pressure from other people. I’ve also realised how selfish and judgemental I can still be, so that’s something I’m continuing to work on.

So what did I achieve last week?

And my projects this week:

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