Week that was: Back in the Saddle

Last week I was thrown off routine a bit, and I realised how anti-social I’ve been for the past couple of months. For now, a big goal is to put more time and effort into my friendships. They are important to me.
I started by visiting a friend in Cambridge, just south of Hamilton, who always helps me feel good about life. I’m blessed with friends like her – online and off – who see the bright side of life with a good dose of realism.
I also caught up with my sister this morning, and am scheduling a few coffee dates in the school holidays, whrn my schedule fits in a bit more with other people.
But this is the week that was, so let’s look at my goals.

Last week I achieved the following:
– Published a few chapters of The Caretaker of Imagination on Wattpad.
– Completed edits for The Caretaker of Imagination!
– Blogged regularly.
– Journalled not-so-regularly.
– Met up with Deb and Barbs to discuss redcarpetnz.tv.
– Voted in our 2014 elections.

My projects this week are:
– Send The Caretaker of Imagination to the editor and the illustrator.
– Calculate a realistic release date.
– Beta read! This is my big goal this week.
– Journal regularly.
– Work on social media strategy with Barbs for redcarpetnz.tv.

6 thoughts on “Week that was: Back in the Saddle

  1. Hi Zee! Your goals are impressive! I have no doubt that you will achieve those goals. You seem very determined and organized. I’m going to have to take a few lessons in organization and goal setting from you, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yeah, except when I’m not lol. I’m way behind on my beta reading, and have been low on energy lately. So don’t think too highly of my organisation lol.

      I read an old post of mine and thought ‘wow, this is really good advice’ so bear in mind I’m still trying to teach myself!

      Other than that, I have lots of posts re: branding and goal setting you might be interested in “-)


    1. Yeah it’s a great move for the performing arts industry in New Zealand.

      My goals are becoming much more flexible now, which means I can achieve them in different ways – or sometimes, not achieve them at all but be ok with it.


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