Week that was: Writing Milestone & Socialness

Okay, so socialness isn’t a word. I’m calling artistic licence on that one. I mean, Shakespeare pretty much up half the words in our dictionary, right?
But I digress. Last week I made a concerted effort to actually see some of my friends, and I felt much better for it. Our good relationships are such a big part of a healthy and happy life.
The internet had been somewhat intermittent, however, and I haven’t had much laptop time as my partner had beenusing it, so I’m still behind on my beta reading. On that note, I’ve decided to keep beta reading to a minimum, so I can just enjoy people’s stories rather than having to critique them.
I had some wonderful responses to my post about insecurity in career and adulthood. Thank you to everyone for your support in reading, commenting, or sharing. I will follow up that post this week.
In terms my book’s progress, it’s now with the editor!  I’m researching print options and trying to calculate a release date, and it’ll be off to the illustrator next.

So last week I achieved the following :
-sent The Caretaker of Imagination to the editor, Diane Povey.
-met up with some friends, and had some good,  positive conversation.
-kept regular with blogging and social media.

And this week I will:
-work out a way to make beta reading work.
-research print options.
-pass TCoI on to the illustrator, Jane Thorne
-think, reflect, and write.

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