Reflections on Identity, Career, and Growing Up

I write a lot of reflective posts, or, as Teagan calls them, ‘personal insights’. I like that term. It makes me feel wise.
But whatever you want to call them, my blog and my conversations (and my brain, when it isn’t distracted by tea, or my recent obsession with Doctor Who) are filled with ponderings on life, the universe, and everything.
This doesn’t mean I’m particularly wise or deep – it just means I think a lot, I’m super curious, and sometimes my brain doesn’t know how to turn off.
I also have slight perfectionist tendencies, so I’m never satisfied with where I’m at; I’m always trying to improve. Like most gifts, it’s both a gift and curse, and I am learning to manage it.
Lately, my reflections have centered around my identity, especially in regards to being an adult, and being a writer. Last week, I wrote a post about these insecurities, and was blessed with some solid food for thought in the comments that were left. You can read that post here.
The questions that came out of those comments were: What are my core values? What are my personal needs? What defines a writer, a teacher, or an adult, and who creates these definitions? Do I agree with them?
Thesr have been floating around I  my brain since then, and I’m getting a better grasp on them now.
My core values are basically to help other people without putting my needs on the back burner; to help myself and others create the change we want to see in the world with confidence.
My personal needs are solitary time, for reflection and processing; social time with positive, creative, and understanding people; healthy relationships, especially with my partner and family; creative expression to deal with the spectrum of emotions and ideas in my head, and a healthy lifestyle – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
That sounds like a lot, but my current lifestyle pretty much affords me with all of them.
What about writer and teacher definitions? One who writes? Onecwho teaches? This is a no-brainer, really – I just need to ignore anyone who places extraneous criteria upon these.

I am a writer, a teacher, and a fellow human being. I help others, and I allow others to help me. I am healthy and positive, and am grateful for the life I have.

Much love, readers xx

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