Throwing away what society expects of me

On Tuesday, one thing I said is that I’m trying to “throw away what I think society expects of me“. I hate it when I say clever things like that. It means I have to follow up on them.

The key word here is ‘think’. What I think society expects of me is different to what society actually expects from me. Which is what? Well, when I break it down like this, I reckon all society actually expects from me is to pay my dues and stay out of their way!

So why am I stressing about it? Maybe, because I hear people say how hard their life is, or how much responsibility they have, or what long hours they’re working just to make ends meet, and I think… oh, maybe I’ve got it easy. And then I feel bad.

Which is stupid, really. I feel bad for enjoying my life? I feel bad because I have time to write and blog and make art and do yoga? I feel bad because I’m doing what I want to do? It’s the most ridiculous reason for guilt ever.

I have the time because I made the time, and I sacrificed a lot to get it. It’s not easy to announce you’re changing your career when you’ve barely started the first one, or that you want to do something you have no qualifications in and little or no experience doing.

I’m working on doing more of the stuff I enjoy, and not feeling bad for indulging in them. Time to sign off and enjoy my day. This week, think of something you enjoy doing but haven’t done enough of.

Do it.



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