Week that Was: Taking off the Pressure

It’s been a while since I realised that, for writing projects, pressure doesn’t work for me. I remember telling Joy that the last time I attempted (and miserably failed) NaNoWriMo.

It’s an interesting one, because pressure always worked for my painting. There’s a Calvin & Hobbs cartoon up at Dornwell Studios, where my illustrator works, which sums up my art-making process perfectly (also essay-writing, project-working etc.)

last minute panicYup, as far as most of my work was concerned, last-minute panic (uh, I mean inspiration) was the way to go.

Apparently, this doesn’t apply to writing. Which is the point of this ramble. In fact, I think I wrote about this realisation the first time I had it. Let me find it… Yup, here it is! Back to the Drawing Board. Actually, I think that’s one of my favourite posts on my blog. By the wise version of me.

So this week, it’s about letting the creative process work without thinking “But what if it’s not ready by Christmas?”

I’m working on a (probably wordless) digital-only book for Christmas. In some ways, it’s because I’ve shifted the release of The Caretaker of Imagination to March 2015, and I’d really like something out this year.

However, it’s also just to give me something a bit different to work on. Both my fiction projects are well and truly in editing phase, so it’s awesome to have something in that creative-anything-goes place. It’s also nice to be working on a non-writing creative outlet. It’s still storytelling, just in a different way.

It’s also meant I’ve made more time for reading, which I’m more glad about than anything!

Writing Update

I’ll be meeting with the illustrator tomorrow night, who’s just finished reading the manuscript (I know – she actually read it. Isn’t she amazing?). We’re going to have a chat about her ideas. So exciting!

The Caretaker manuscript has come back from the editor, Di Povey, and Lucy’ Story is with the assessor, Jeni Chappelle.

The Xmas Project is still in brainstorming phase. I’ll probably be working on it along with those doing NaNoWriMo next month.

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