On being taken seriously

On Monday night, I went out for tea & dessert with a couple of friends from highschool. We hadn’t seen much of each other this year (mostly cause I work late nights), so it was wonderful to catch up with them. It was a lovely night.

One thing really got to me, though. One line, said in passing, as such things often are. We were talking about my tutoring work, and I told them I’m enjoying it but would like to cut down the hours a bit. In reply to that, my friend said, “But that’s just to tide you over.”

Yup. My writing career is being taken seriously. Not just by me, not just by my partner, not just by my writer friends. People in my life, even people I don’t see very often, are actually seeing what I do as a serious, realistic career.

I mean, not everyone, obviously. There are those well-meaning folk who comment on how good it is to have a back up plan, to not get my hopes up, and so on. I appreciate it’s coming from a good place, but it is so heartening to know that many of my friends and family believe in me.

I’m blessed to know so many creative people, who enjoy and support the arts, whether or not they are part of the ‘creative’ industry. People who believe we can do what we love and that’s enough. People that support crazy ideas like becoming a writer.

And there’s a lot of us out there. I guess what I’m saying is, do what you know is right for you, and don’t EVER give up xx

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