Blogging 201: Days 5 to 6

If you’re interested in the previous post, click this link for Days 1 to 4.

These are ideas from the Daily Post’s blogging 201 guide, on branding and growth.

Day Five: Give ‘Em What They Want

First, we’re told to look at our analytics, and we’re using the top posts and pages summary for the past 90 days (the last quarter) to see what’s been popular. Here’s mine:

stats top 90


This shows pretty clearly that the most popular topics, other than my About page (which I have set to be a static home page, rather than my blog posts), are:

  • Personal Well-Being / Mental Health
  • Social Media / Branding / Blogging
  • Yoga / Meditation

This is awesome cause I really do love writing about all these topics!! The next task is to see which days of the week are most popular. I had a look, but there isn’t much consistency, so I’m skipping this step.

From here, we are asked to build an editorial calendar (which I fully believe in, but I’ve also found that I need flexibility).  Basically, my ‘editorial calendar’ are a set of guidelines:

  • Week that Was post on Monday (or Tuesday if it’s one of those weeks).

… and at least TWO of the following:

  • Blogging / branding / social media.
  • Mental health, including yoga / meditation.
  • Education, creativity, or the arts (this is me pushing the blog forward, not based on current statistics).

Day Six: Drive Traffic To Your Archives

Day six’s task tells us to use the ‘Related Posts’ feature, a best of page, and the categories / archives widget to let our readers know about older posts.

I had a think about a best of page, and I know it works for some people / brands. Your Writer Platform utilises their popular posts very well, with images that link to them. However, I do not think it will suit my site. I’m trying to keep things simple, and I believe it will just create unnecessary clutter.

I already use the Related Posts feature, so Brownie points for me! I have noticed it working, by looking at my stats. In addition, I’ve changed the categories widget so it’s not a drop-down menu any more, and I’ll see how that goes.


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