Celebrating Yourself with Poetry: Biopems

At work yesterday, one of my students said she’s doing Biopems at school. When I asked her what they were, she said she didn’t know (with a slightly sheepish look) and so we turned to Google.

how to write a biopoem
Source: readwritethink.org

We found these instructions for a Biopoem,with an example of Rosa Parks, and she wrote one about herself. When she was done, she was able to look back on the poem and think, “Wow. I’m kinda awesome.”

I liked the biopoem so much that I offered the activity to my next group of students. One had already been doing them in school, and my other students had a go.

It was interesting to note that every single student found line seven the hardest when writing about themselves – the line that asks for their accomplishments; their achievements; what they are proud of about themselves.

Some sites simplify this line to ‘who gives’, but I think it’s more of a challenge to consider your accomplishments. To make it personal, I interpreted the line as, ‘anything you’re proud of, even if it’s not something that other people celebrate’.

Shining our own light only helps others to shine brighter.

Anyway, I could feel the downward spiral beginning this morning so I decided to pause in my painting and have a go at a biopoem:

Zenobia – 

Spiritual. Creative. Pensive.
Human of Shadow.
Who loves equality, open-mindedness and our world.
Who has felt depression, frustration and peace.
Who fears loss, closed-mindedness and that we will never change.
Who follows her heart, trusts herself and inspires others.
Born in Kanpur, India and living in New Zealand.

– Southcombe.

Write a Biopem, and leave it in the comments, or write it on your blog / social media and leave a link. I’d love to read them.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Yourself with Poetry: Biopems

    1. Nice. Let me know when you do. I’ve come to realise that I like structure in poetry. Perhaps because it means I don’t to think so much about the rhythm or flow if it’s set up for me.


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