Your own highlight reel – living the dream

Sometimes it takes looking at our lives from the outside to realise how good we’ve got it; looking at your own highlight reel, you could say.

I’ve written about highlight reels before. In that post, I discussed how we often compare our ‘behind the scenes’ to other people’s ‘highlight reels’. In other words, we compare our bad moments to everyone else’s best. While there are pros and cons to social media, one downside is that it exacerbates this tendency.

Today, I was talking about my next project – What Stars Are Made Of – and realised that I am actually exactly where I want to be. I’m writing (and painting) fiction stories, and I’m supporting the arts through writing for SONZA. I’m also helping young people through teaching, and still have time for myself and my friends & family. While only teaching is a paid job right now, both my writing jobs, as well as my art, are leading into paid positions.

After that heartening talk, I realised that these happened because I did what was right for me. I considered what mattered to me, not just what I was good at. I chased my own dream.

And life is good.

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