Personal Freedom: there’s no one right way

I wasn’t going to post today. I’m forgoing ‘Week that Was’ posts as I’ve signed up for ThinkKit, a December daily blogging project and knew you’d have a barrage of daily posts from me soon. So, you know, too much of a good thing and all that.


I really needed to blog about this. Get it out of my system, you might say.


Maybe I feel so strongly about this because I kind of, a little bit, want there to be a right way to do things. A nice linear path where all the ducks line up in a neat little row and life is EASY*.

Maybe it’s because I take the advice that people give and find every single thing that I’m not doing to build self-criticism.

Or maybe it’s because I really do think there’s one right way of doing things, and I’m critical of people who I think areย not doing the right thing. (I know, I’m a terrible person. There. It’s out in the open now.)

But regardless of why this annoys me, the point is that I am actually right. There’s no one way of doing life. For every word of wisdom you are spoonfed, there is equal and opposite advice. In fact, there’s a site devoted to these pairs. Have a look. Go on. It’s got pretty pictures, even.

We’re unique people, in a unique time, in our own little bubbles of a unique world. Listen to advice, by all means. Think about it, try it if you want, and then decide what’s right for you without a second thought for anyone else.

It’s taken me a while to learn it, and I’m still in the process of really applying it, but it’s going to be my focus for 2015.

Personal freedom: I’m doing things my way. (And probably screwing up a few (million) times along the way).

*Also boring. Uber-boring.

2 thoughts on “Personal Freedom: there’s no one right way

  1. That’s so true, and such a hard lesson to learn. I’ve always felt that my innate stubbornness often protects me from caring too much whether I’m doing things right, but there are certain aspects of life where it’s just so easy to feel like you’re doing it wrong, especially when the advice is coming from all sorts of different perspectives.


    1. Yup! Though in some ways I find it easier when there’s lots of different advice, cause when there’s only one it’s harder to ignore.

      We all figure ut out in the end, I suppose.


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