Whovian Giggles #ThinkKit

Let’s loosen up: share a side-splitting story from the last year. What made you laugh out loud until tears formed? What made you giggle every time it was referenced?

Okay, I’m really not that funny. Today’s prompt made me feel like taking a pass card. But I shall not pass!

(told you I wasn’t funny)

But something that’sย made me giggle – that I can do. This year, I was officially introduced to Doctor Who. What’s interesting about this is that I’ve always been put in the ‘Whovian’ box (should that be Tardis?) even though I’d barely heard of the show before, let alone watched it.

But now I have, and I LOVE it.

We started with the ninth doctor – series one in 2005. The downside being I got attached to Ecclestone, and still haven’t quite accepted Tennant as good enough.

But there are so many LOLs. Which is good, cause while this year has been interestingly good, it’s also been sadly lacking in the laughter department, so anything that brings my kind of humour into my lifeย (dad jokes, if I’m honest) is welcome.

ThinkKit is a blog project, with daily prompts in December. Friends who are also doing this are Amanda Staley and Emma Lindhagen.

5 thoughts on “Whovian Giggles #ThinkKit

  1. Hi Zee! My niece Natasha loves Dr Who but I still haven’t had the pleasure of watching an episode. The way she talks about the show makes me want to see it right away. Now you love it too so I’m really going to have to watch it. Laughter is good medicine. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Steal away!

      He’s growing on me, for sure, but I think he’s a bit too cynical for my liking. Just cos that’s too close to my own nature, y’know – I’m cynical enough, I don’t need more of it from The Doctor!


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