Rant of the Year #ThinkKit

Today’s prompt asks us to get on our soapbox and let you know what’s been gnawing at us this year.

I was discussing this topic with Amanda, who introduced me to ThinkKit, and our topics are similar – it’s about being a writer, and choosing to publish independently.

The soapbox rant for today is about the fact that I do actually work. Sure, I’m working on things I really enjoy doing – like writing, painting and, uh, taxes, but I’m still working. It’s not just my ‘day-job’ (which ranges from about 25-30 hours a week) that keeps my nose to the grindstone, by my self-afflicted work as well.

One reason I feel strongly about this, if I’m honest, is cause I’m a little bit defensive. Sometimes, itย feels like I’m not working hard enough, or I’m not going through the slog that other people are going through, or I’m being selfish because I’m only looking after myself and don’t plan on having dependants any time soon – if ever.

But the biggest, and certainly less selfish, reason is that I shouldn’tย haveย justify what I do.

ThinkKit is a blog project, with daily prompts in December. Friends who are also doing this are Amanda Staley and Emma Lindhagen.

2 thoughts on “Rant of the Year #ThinkKit

    1. Haha! My mum started reading my blog recently (which induced a minor panic attack at the time) but since then she’s become a lot more open-minded about writing as a career, and about what it involves.

      I do still have a day job though, so for people I can’t be bothered getting into conversation about it with, I just say I work part time. Cause… meh ๐Ÿ™‚


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