Dropping out of #ThinkKit

I’m a committed person. I believe in sticking things out to the end – but I also believe that if we’re not enjoying something, not learning from it, or making a positive contribution to the world then it’s time to stop.

The main reason I signed up for ThinkKit was to give my blogging a bit of oomph, and help me decide what direction I wanted to take my blog next year. Do I want to focus on my fiction more? Do I want to start writing more non-fiction? Do I want to get more – or less – personal?

Well, I noticed that there are posts I’m craving to write, but I can’t because a prompt is in my way. I wanted to write about my One Word for next year, and about how I’m feeling after releasing my first book. I wanted to write about the awesome talk with Joanna Penn this week, and how cool it is to have met up with more writerly folk.

My blog’s about my reflections, my ideas, and my journey as a writer & artist. I decided that a while ago, but fell into a stagnant pool of posting because there wasn’t much learning going on for myself – not because there was something wrong with my blogging. The source info just wasn’t there.

So, I’ve decided to drop out of ThinkKit. I reckon it’s an awesome initiative, and for those of you that can handle daily blogging (my new rule is ‘thou shalt not blog every day’) and aren’t as much of a control freak as I am, keep it up!

5 thoughts on “Dropping out of #ThinkKit

  1. Good on you! Sometimes dropping out of something is totally okay.

    Also, JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! You got to go to the talk??? Lucky thing. I need a post about that!!!


    1. I know right? I NEED to post about it! I was so glad I could make it – will fill you in but there were a few things that stood out.

      -confirmation that I know what I’m doing
      -acceptance of indie authors – yay!
      -and there are HEAPS more indie authors in NZ than I knew.

      Awesome stuff.


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