Writing Plans for 2015

Next year will be my first year of being a ‘real’ author. This year was about embracing my writer identity, pushing my own creative limits, and above all else about my mental & emotional wellness.

Next year is about the beginning of a new career.

Now, I know things will change. They always do. My plans will adapt, but I firmly believe in having goals, having a plan, and adapting as I go.

Last week, my aim was to get my business plan done. It’s pretty much complete, but it has a few gaps which I’ll fill in over the next couple of weeks. I also wrote up a production schedule for 2015.

After all, I am a business.


My blogging schedule will change next year. I’ll be doing two posts a week on here for writers & creatives, and one on my author website for my readers.

On this blog, my weekly posts will be:

  • a reflection of the week
  • a post for writers – mostly about the writing business, or something I’ve learnt

On my author blog, I’m aiming for one post every 1-2 weeks, which will centre around my fiction.

Fiction Writing

I’m aiming to put out 3 chapter books (two of which are already written), and 2 picture books. They’ll probably be wordless as I really enjoyed that form of storytelling. This is about the number I’m hoping to produce every year.

I’m also intending to put out an anthology with children’s work in it. I do need to do some more research on this, but if all goes well it’ll become an annual project.


I only ended up doing a couple of stand-alone works this year but I’m aiming to have a collection by this time next year so I can start doing regular painting exhibition as well. Regular meaning every 1-2 years, probably.

5 thoughts on “Writing Plans for 2015

    1. Well done! In case it interests you, I’ve done a full business plan under the following structure:

      Vision & Mission
      -Lifetime goal
      -Why I’m doing what I’m doing
      -Roles I’m covering
      -Roles I’m outsourcing
      -Legal description i.e. sole proprietor etc.
      Five Year Goal
      -Year by year brief summary of milestones / goals
      Core Market
      -Target Group
      Market Analysis
      -Children’s book market
      -eBook market
      -Genre market
      Competitor Analysis
      -Success stories & why they’re successful / what they do
      -Brand & discoverability
      -Personal Qualities
      -What they are & how I’ll deal with them
      -Daily tasks that need to happen
      -Key milestones for the year
      Income & Expenses
      -(Hard to do at this point but overview of what expenses are, and maybe instead of projected income, the income needed to meet the expenses)


  1. They sound like very good plans to me 🙂 Hope it all goes well! Flexibility is the key, I think, but also having those more solid long term goals. Here’s to a kick ass 2015!!


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