Bring on 2015

Last week was emotional mayhem. I felt pretty much every emotion it’s possible to feel and felt it with a passion – grief, joy, anger, guilt, peace, creativity, frustration, gratitude, love, hate.
Seriously: you name it, I felt it.
I’m blaming the time of year. You know, as the year draws to a close we tend to reflect back on the year that’s been.
I feel that on the one hand I’ve achieved a lot, in my writing journey and in personal growth.
On the other hand, I feel I could’ve done more. There were friends I didn’t see much of, patience I didn’t show, and a serious lack of discipline.
Most of all though, I think I’m a little bit scared of who I’ve become. Like I said, I’ve achieved a lot of personal growth. I’m more ‘me’ than I ever have been. My art and my writing embody myself at a raw and honest level – and I’m sharing it with the world.
So world, you can look forward to more rawness and honesty and a little bit of madness.
Bring on 2015!

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